Paul Smith Investment Co. property marketing for 10 albemarle street

    An investment company, owned by Paul Smith, required marketing for their acquisition of 5 floors of luxury office space and a penthouse suite situated above the Paul Smith furniture and curiosity shop in Mayfair. The tone of voice of the marketing material had to reflect this unique space with style and character. The name and identity is based on the roman numeral for ‘10’ and also represents the opportunity for businesses to make a unique corporate statement and put their ‘X’ on the map. The concept for the brochure is the ‘finishing touch’, a theme which combines the attention to detail at 10 Albemarle Street and also how working in such a prestigious location in the heart of Mayfair’s art and fashion districts can simply be the jewel in the crown. The first piece of marketing released was the agents particulars, and within a week, two of the floors were under offer.