Let us give your company a new brand life.

We have had the pleasure of working for clients in the property, charitable, retail, leisure, financial and cultural sectors. Here’s what we can provide for you.


A brand goes much deeper than just a logo. Branding gets right to the core of your business’ values. It’s about discovering and communicating the very essence of your business and what it delivers to your customers. In effect, your brand creates your business’ reputation and its personality. At Eve Design we create strong brands that stand out in today’s competitive marketplace. Please see below for links to some examples.

Corporate identity

Corporate identity represents the face of your company. We create not only the logo but also a unique visual and conceptual language, making each client’s story personal and unique.

Graphic design

We know that our ideas-led communications get noticed and achieve results. We also love designing for print. Whether it’s a brochure, a piece of direct mail or even a book, literature is all about creating a dialogue with an audience. Our experience in finishes, papers, typography and print buying is extensive. Research by the Design Council found that over a third of the UK’s fastest-growing businesses see design as integral or significant. Design delivers. Here’s the proof.